Fully funded scholarships for developing countries 2019-2020

Fully funded scholarships for developing countries 2019-2020

  • We listed the best 3 scholarships for Developing countries that you must apply in 2019.
  • These scholarships are fully funded. International students can apply for these scholarships.

A scholarship is an award of financial aid to a student or young researchers for the bases for enhancement in their academics. Scholarships are granted on many different criteria and many different amounts. The various criteria reflect the donor’s purpose of awarding this scholarship and since scholarship money is not supposed to be refunded, it makes it a lot better than student loans.

There are two types of scholarships that are the most rewarding, Academic scholarships and merit-based scholarships. Both of these fully funded scholarships are granted as per academic performances. Though, merit-based scholarships are a little to get.

Chevening scholarship

The prestigious Chevening scholarship is an international scholarship scheme that helps students with good leadership skills, communication skills and academic results to proceed in postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. The awardees are from 144 countries over the world which makes this scholarship hard to get since the competition is always sky-scraping.
The Chevening scholarship scheme started in 1988 and this scheme is funded by the British governments foreign and commonwealth office and it also has partner organizations. The major objective of the scheme was to build the network of friends in the UK and also to introduce a multicultural environment in British universities.

Criteria for Selection into This Scholarship

The selection of the Chevening scholarship is aimed to pick out the best out of the best. They look for applicants with high-potentials, high-caliber graduates that have good leadership, communication, intellectual and interpersonal skills for flexibility and adaptability.

The criterion depends from country to country, totally depending on the grading system of your country. In order to benefit from this scholarship scheme, you need to be a legal citizen of one of the Chevening eligible countries; you cannot apply for this scholarship if you are a British citizen. Since this is a postgraduate program you should have at least 2-3 years of work experience. As far as academics are concerned you do not need a specific GPA score to apply for the Chevening scholarship scheme; though, 90% of the awardees of the 1650 applicants had almost perfect GPA score.

Participating countries for Chevening Fully Funded scholarships

You need to be from one of the 144 Chevening-eligible countries in order to apply, more than twenty scholarships are awarded to candidates from Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, South Korea, Brazil, and Mexico. Also, more than 30 awardees are from India, China, and Nepal with candidates rarely being from Canada and Australia. Students from the United States of America are not eligible sadly.
For further information regarding the scheme click here (https://www.chevening.org/chevening/confirmation-page)
Winners of the Chevening scholarship often receive coverage on the news channels and local newspapers.

Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Award 2019

One of the most prestigious places to study in the world is Austria, it’s a fast running country with top universities and colleges and one thing that attracts students to study in Austria is the Endeavour postgraduate scholarship scheme. As it is said, endeavor awards, this scheme are known for bringing students and researchers, executives to Austria from across the world. Students are given opportunities to further enhance their academics and learn all about various cultures from other applicants in their two-year masters or four-year Ph.D. program.
The prestigious Endeavour scholarship scheme was commenced in 2003 and the major goal was to engage the world through education. Though an international, merit-based scholarship the competition is very high.

Criteria for selection into This Fully Funded scholarship

There are no such specific GPA criteria for this scholarship, though 90% of the awardees from the 9000 applicants have next to perfect GPA scores. The Endeavour scholarship committee doesn’t only look for students with perfect GPA scores but they also look for high intellectual individuals with high potentials, leadership skills, flexibility, and adaptability. You need to be 18 years old by the time of submission of your application; you will also need recommendation letters, either professional or academic.
Overall, scholarships are great for academic help and further employment opportunities. The scholarships stated above are one of the most prestigious fully funded scholarships in the world.

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